The Kuźnia Smaku Restaurant presents a new dimension of traditional Polish cuisine. We are looking for culinary inspiration in ingredients that have been hosted on our tables and tables of our ancestors for years. We reach for venison, beef, pork, poultry and fish, giving them with vegetables, groats and fruits of the forest floor. In addition, in the rich kosher pantry, aromatic meats and cheeses are made ready for us.

We prepare our dishes with the best quality natural ingredients from local suppliers. We take care of both the taste, smell and aesthetics of the served dishes. We have also collected for you a wide selection of wines and other spirits, and for lovers of sweets we have created interesting desserts.

The Kuźnia Smaku restaurant is not only a unique flavor of our chefs' own dishes, it is also the atmosphere of a cozy interior conducive to meetings at a common table, conversations and traditional Polish feast.